Why and how to find Me Time in your life

Why and how to find Me Time in your life

Let’s face it: Life is a challenge! Countless requirements and pressures continue to push us in different directions. Our limited awake time is consumed by work deadlines, family responsibilities, housework, volunteer commitments, and social arrangements. It is difficult to prioritize ‘enjoying’ my time, let alone finding free time or even thinking about it.

The point: Your optimal health (including your mental and emotional health) is your number one priority. the reason? Literally, it marks the foundation of your entire existence. If you do not perform the task with your best ability, then all other obligations on your to-do list will disappear. When our body is in a state of fighting or running for most of the day, whether we realize it or not, it needs to constantly harm our health and well-being.

When you choose to participate in Me-Time, you are not ‘indulging’ yourself, you are not selfish, and you are definitely not a luxury… just a necessity. Everyday If you start to allow yourself to participate in Daily Me-Time, you will notice its impact on your ability to perform optimally. Slowly but surely, your friends, family, and colleagues will start to notice, and you might even inspire them to allow themselves to participate in the daily Me-Time.

Here are some research-supported options that illustrate how to spend your day-to-day my time.

  • Bathing: It helps to relax and relieve our physical stress, detoxify our skin, lower blood pressure, release endorphins, increase blood circulation, and relieve muscle and joint pain.
  • Masaage: It can help relieve anxiety, headaches, digestive disorders, and stress-related insomnia.
  • Exercise: Stimulate the release of endorphins and dopamine in the brain, reduce stress, increase energy, improve mood, relieve symptoms of mild depression and anxiety, improve sleep
  • Meditation: Lower blood pressure, improve digestion, reduce stress hormones, improve immune system, and improve Brain clarity improves memory, increases productivity, improves concentration and induces calmness.
  • In nature: Attention Recovery Theory (ART) believes that a calm environment gives the brain a chance to relax and helps to restore or refresh our cognitive abilities (such as memory and concentration).
  • Listen to music: The brain waves resonate in synchrony with a specific rhythm, and then trigger the sympathetic nervous system’s relaxation response, lowering our stress hormone levels and lowering our blood pressure.
  • Reading a book: Helps reduce stress, because those literary pages take us into a distant world, far away from the current stressors of our daily lives.
  • Color: Here are complex patterns and complex templates to choose from, they choose to design The only rule is to choose a color and keep it between the lines, because our mind will gently enter a calm state similar to meditation.

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