Which to be- Morning Lark or Night Owl

Morning Lark or Night Owl

“Morning Lark” are the type of people who goes by the quote ” Early to bed and early to rise“. The work comes from the bird lark which is also know as “messager of day“. To their contrary people who tend to wake up at late night to complete their work and wake up late in morning are referred to as “night owl”. The term derives from the bird owl who are night hunters. So are you a morning lark or a night owl.

Though it can be someones personal choice but scientists showed evidence that it depends on various factors. Like genes, if your mother or father was a night owl chances are high that you are too. Also it can change as you grow older which we will see later through the points. Hence whether you want to be a night owl or a morning lark can be your personal preference but we will like to present you here with the major differences between both so you can decide it for yourself.

  1. Night owls tend to experience more fatigue and frustration than morning larks.
  2. Waking up in the morning can be a difficult or rather say not enjoyable for owls while larks tend to enjoy it.
  3. Scientists conducted various intelligence tests like mathematics, memory and processing speed across two sets of people which you might have guessed who are. It was found that owls tend to perform better than larks in those tests.
  4. It has also been found that owls tend to engage in more alcohol consumption than larks. Also the choice of beverage for larks are tea while owls tend to choose coffee which is again not surprising.
  5. Now here comes the moment of surprise. Owls tend to be more creative in morning and larks tend to be more creative during night. Hence both sets of people are more creative during off hours.
  6. You might have expected this point. Younger people tend to be night owls while older people tend to be morning larks which again is a common thing.
  7. Night owls tend to enjoy dinner and more often do not take breakfast. Morning larks enjoy their breakfast with tea and newspaper.

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