Myocardial fibrosis linked to worse cardiovascular outcomes in sufferers with hypertension
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A current examine performed by the National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS) found that myocardial fibrosis is related to worse cardiovascular outcomes in sufferers with hypertension. Myocardial fibrosis is a crucial prognostic marker within the improvement of opposed cardiovascular occasions, equivalent to coronary heart failure and dying.

In Singapore, the prevalence of hypertension has proven a rise from 24.2% in 2017 to 35.5% in 2019 to 2020 and it’s a main explanation for ischemic coronary heart illness, strokes and coronary heart failure. Although standard medical remedy is ready to management one’s blood stress, it doesn’t fully ameliorate or get rid of dangers of heart problems. For occasion, about 30% of those cardiovascular occasions happen in sufferers with well-controlled blood stress.

In this potential and observational examine, titled REMODEL (Response of the Myocardium to Hypertrophic Conditions within the Adult Population) led by Associate Professor Calvin Chin, Clinician Scientist and Senior Consultant from the Department of Cardiology at NHCS, CMR was carried out in near 800 sufferers with hypertension.

The sufferers have been adopted up for opposed cardiovascular occasions over a median interval of greater than three years. CMR is a helpful diagnostic instrument which detects coronary heart structural abnormalities and quantifies fibrosis with out the invasive sampling of coronary heart muscle tissues.

Myocardial fibrosis usually occurs in sufferers with earlier coronary heart assaults. Correspondingly, sufferers within the REMODEL examine didn’t have earlier coronary heart assaults, therefore any prevalence of myocardial fibrosis have been deduced to that of affected person’s susceptibility to blood stress, and different causes equivalent to genetic predisposition and different medical co-morbidities like diabetes.

Although anecdotal studies have beforehand proven the presence of coronary heart muscle scarring in sufferers with hypertension, that is the primary examine that confirms the opposed affiliation between scarring of coronary heart muscle and the cardiovascular outcomes in sufferers with hypertension. We discovered that coronary heart muscle scarring is a stronger predictor of opposed outcomes even after correcting for sufferers’ age, intercourse and systolic blood pressures.”

Calvin Chin, Associate Professor and Director of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging, National Heart Centre Singapore

The analysis crew additional discovered that the guts muscle response to hypertension in sufferers is heterogeneous or various, whereby whereas two sufferers could have comparable blood stress, their myocardial traits could be completely different.

This presents alternatives to tailor and personalize remedy for hypertensive sufferers who’ve coronary heart muscle scarring to scale back the potential threat of future cardiovascular occasions, past decreasing their blood stress and attaining their blood stress targets.

Following these findings that have been revealed this 12 months within the medical Journal Hypertension, Assoc Prof Calvin Chin and the crew are actually into the subsequent section of an ongoing trial REVERSE-LVH to evaluate the potential of reversing coronary heart muscle scarring, by the usage of particular therapies focused at fibrosis in sufferers with hypertensive coronary heart illness.

REVERSE-LVH is a randomized managed examine to check the efficacy of medicines in regressing myocardial fibrosis. Patients recruited within the examine would bear CMR after a 12 months to amount the quantity of myocardial fibrosis detected earlier than and after remedy.

“Using CMR, a non-invasive tool to detect fibrosis has potential to improve risk-stratification of patients with hypertension. Targeted anti-fibrotic intervention, if proven effective, could have direct impact on clinical practice and help selected patients with hypertension lead better quality of life and have better health outcomes,” stated Assoc Prof Calvin Chin.


Journal reference:

Iyer, N. R., et al. (2022) Markers of Focal and Diffuse Nonischemic Myocardial Fibrosis Are Associated With Adverse Cardiac Remodeling and Prognosis in Patients With Hypertension: The REMODEL Study. HYPERTENSION.

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