How to stay productive during work from home

How to stay productive during work from home

 We are experiencing changes in all areas of life. The reason for the epidemic is that a large part of the population studies or works productively at home and in remote areas. The digitization of everyday life has become a reality and is imposed on others in the most impossible way.

Every day working at home requires adjustments, so it is necessary to consider strategies and methodologies to improve work efficiency, and to avoid distractions at home, we must consider some suggestions to maintain efficiency and separate work and leisure spaces.

  1. Separate office space for work-  With limited functional space for professional work, it’s critical to keep up with office work sooner. It is necessary to avoid having the same space as the entertainment space, avoiding distractions. The physical space in the home should be adjusted to create a mental space that is conducive to optimizing study time or working at home.

  2. Organizing time and work- There is an urgent need to organize time around daily activities, including work time and entertainment time. You should try to copy the same hours as in the office, but add a new space in your home. Technical tools can be used to establish a schedule to continue previous routine work. Like time, short-term and long-term goals must be organized. Achievable daily goals, achieving daily or weekly milestones, will help maintain productivity similar to the above.

  3. Stay connected with others-  When quarantined at home, it becomes increasingly difficult to establish a new professional network or maintain professional contacts. However, since there are many technical tools available, professional network maintenance can be accomplished. There are many online activities to continue training in new methods, meet new people and celebrate the holidays with those closest to you.

  4. Taking care of your mental well being-   Several days and weeks of profound social and cultural change have affected the mental health of many people. Lack of interaction, entertainment, and other activities are the causes of illnesses, which can destroy peace of mind and peace of mind when working at home, such as anxiety or depression.

    Therefore, it is important that there are strategies or tools available to help bridge this disconnect with the outside world. On the Internet you can find meditation techniques, yoga exercises or physical exercises with videos, interactive rooms or other tools that can help people to eliminate possible social difficulties. You should consider talking to someone, a family member, an Internet person, or a healthcare professional.

  5. Know when to stop-  This must be recognized when the body and mind are not connected and are concentrating on the task at hand. Sometimes there will be low productivity and lack of concentration. To reassess the situation and find some obstacles that hinder your efficiency in home work, it is necessary to operate between active and scheduled breaks to allow scheduled activity to resume.

  6. Perform new tasks to increase motivation while working from home- People have been found to have tried new tasks that were not thought of before the pandemic. Following recipes, creating a blog, owning a new social network, and being motivated by online videos are also new strategies to keep your personal life and work in balance.

    You must not stop reinventing yourself and realize that there may be new hobbies or activities that have left us many lessons on this occasion, so that you can make better use of your time and learn new leisure strategies.


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