How to relax and calm your mind using Aromatherapy

How to relax and calm your mind using Aromatherapy

Why is smell so effective in relieving stress and anxiety? Our sense of smell is the only sensation directly connected to the brain. You may have noticed that the smell can immediately take you to another time and place.

When the scents in the air enter the nose, they attach to the receptor cells, which send electrical signals to the limbic system of the brain, which is related to memory and emotions. Combine the powerful influence of smell on behavior and emotions with ancient mindfulness exercises, and you have a formula that truly heals the soul!

1. Relax your body: Sit on the floor in a comfortable position with a ball-on perfume oil with your spine straight. Apply sesame oil to the inside of your wrist. Place your left wrist on your nose, close your eyes and inhale deeply for five seconds. When you put your wrists in a comfortable position on your knees, focus on the smell. How does this smell look in nature? How did it get to you from the plant world? After a few minutes, raise your right wrist and focus your attention on the oil that slips across the skin, penetrates into the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue, and contacts hair follicles, sweat glands, fat, connective tissue and blood. Lower your right wrist while exhaling deeply. Repeat until you feel completely relaxed and in the moment.

2. Use the applicator stick: After use, make sure you have an abalone shell or bowl to place the applicator stick. Ignite the applicator stick with flame until it starts to smoke. Use your hand or a feather to guide the smoke from head to toe onto your body, and then descend. Imagine that smoke carries the negative emotions you have been feeling. While cleaning yourself with smoke, recite positive affirmations. Once you have soiled your body, start walking around your space, repeating the positive affirmation while spreading the smoke.

3. Use diffuser: Add sesame oil and water, prepare the diffuser, and then turn it on. Sit in a meditation position a few feet away from the steam diffuser and focus on your breathing, paying attention to how it feels in and out of your body. Focus on the different feelings and thoughts in your mind, and make up your mind to let go. Imagine that the diffuse steam took away all the negative emotions of the day. Inhale the fragrance for five seconds. Exhale and release all negative emotions. Focus on how the scent spreads from the plant world to your wrist.

4. The closing scent: When choosing a scent for mindfulness practice, choose a scent that makes you happy and calms you. We all respond differently to odors, and it is best to choose a scent that already has a positive affinity for you. Once you start using this scent regularly in your meditation practice, you will establish a strong connection with meditation in your mind. After a period of time, you will find that the sensation of this smell will immediately put you into a state of meditation. Then, when you are particularly nervous and do not have time for a complete meditation course, you can use it as a tool to calm your mind.

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