How to get focused and complete your tasks faster

How to get focused and complete your tasks faster

It takes about 23 min 15 sec for an average human find to concentrate on his work again. Hence a small distraction or disturbance can take away chunks of our valuable time and eventually it will take a longer time to complete the same work.

Now there is no certainty that a disturbance will come in which way but we can at least minimize their chances by taking some steps like-

 Location- Adjust your workplace to a place where there are least visual distraction. You don’t get interference’s like people walking or children playing.

Lights- Researchers have found that yellow light makes you feel more sleepy than white light. So try to switch to white lights and make sure there is enough lighting so there is no strain on your eyes.

Phones & Notifications- Phones are the biggest source of distraction while working. A single notification chime can ruin all the concentration and eat away your time. You might think you will put it back in a min but that min turn to hours. So it is a good practice to keep your phone aside while doing work when you have no use of them in your work.

Workplace- It might be worth of your time if you keep your workplace neat and clear. As any item not related to your work can distract you and your mind will drift away.

Headphones- If noises have become unavoidable or you do not feel like doing your work, a pair of noise cancelling earphones will save the day for you. Just listen to some of your favorite music or some ambient sounds and get back to your work again.

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