How to connect with nature in Daily Life

How to connect with nature in Daily Life

Many of us like to be in nature, and we know that it is very good for our mind, body and spirit. However, most of us still lead a fulfilling life, almost living indoors in cities, so it is difficult to go into the wild as often as we want. So how can we come into direct contact with nature, which is so important to our happiness?

One key is to find some way to notice and appreciate the natural existence in our daily lives. Once we start searching, we may be surprised to discover that nature is part of our daily environment and how a moment of contact with it can make our days better and enrich our lives.

Start where you are: Learn how the natural world becomes part of your daily life, even in the middle of the city-food, water, plants, animals, daily and seasonal cycles, your own body, etc. The simple act of being aware of the natural surroundings will strengthen your bond. See what aspects of nature instinctively attract you, and find a way to say “yes” to them, even if only for a moment.

Go screen-free: Take a break with electronic devices, especially when outdoors. Turn off the device or mute it, put it away or put it down (better), so you can untie the electronic strap and bring more gifts. Enjoy the pleasure of observing and exploring the world around you, adapting to the presence of plants, birds, clouds and other natural beauty.

Go for the green and blue: Look for opportunities to be close to trees, plants and water, pay attention to and appreciate their company. Choose more green and blue walking routes, bicycle routes and driving routes. Eat some meals outdoors and/or near plants or water. Plant a garden or bring live plants into your house and work space. Gently look at the green plants (indoor or outdoor) for a quick rest, then venture into the green space for a longer rest.

Bring it outside. Start with what you have already done and take it to a park or beautiful outdoor environment to enhance your enjoyment and health benefits. Some good choices: exercise, dining, reading, writing, yoga, meditation, and time with friends or family. Or just go out during the day, feel the sun or breeze blowing through your skin, appreciate the scenery and sounds, and observe the things that attract your attention in a pleasant way.

Bring the outside in: Taking images of nature or natural treasures in an indoor environment, or visualizing yourself in a quiet outdoor environment, will help you keep in touch with nature and special places you like. You will also get some of the physical and mental health benefits actually brought about in those places.

Give thanks: Every day, we receive many beautiful and useful gifts from nature, but most of them don’t realize it. Look for opportunities to appreciate these gifts more, even if only for a moment. You can stop and say thank you to a meal, a sunset or a beautiful flower. Consider writing a gratitude journal or writing a thank-you letter to the earth, plants, animals, or places that are special to you. The more you feel and express your gratitude, the more it nourishes you.

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