How to accept yourself and be happy

How to be happy

In general, like self-esteem, when we are children, we can only accept ourselves to the extent that we feel accepted by our parents. Studies have shown that before the age of eight, we lack the ability to form a clear and independent self-awareness, and it is not passed on to us by the nursing staff.

Therefore, if our parents cannot or do not want to transmit a message that we can accept, that is, independent of us, that is, behaviors that are difficult for us to control, and sometimes even incorrect behaviors, then we are prepared to see ourselves themselves. ambivalently.

The positive care we receive from our parents can depend almost entirely on our behavior, but unfortunately, we learned that many of our actions are unacceptable to them. Therefore, by identifying with these offensive behaviors, we will inevitably consider ourselves inappropriate.

How can we accept ourselves more?

Let our parents convey a positive message about us: We grew up in a generally supportive environment. However, if this is not the case, we must learn to “certify” ourselves to verify our basic certainty. And I have almost no suggestion that independent self-confirmation has anything to do with becoming complacent, but simply frees us from the habit of constant self-judgment.

If we experience a normal state deep down, personal satisfaction and inner peace, we must first face the challenge of complete and unconditional self-acceptance. “Happiness and self-acceptance are complementary. In fact, the degree of self-acceptance determines the degree of happiness. The more self-acceptance, the more happiness you can accept and enjoy. In other words, you are enjoying the happiness that you think is worthwhile. “

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