How many hours should you meditate

How many hours should you meditate

For those who are just beginning to meditate or are thinking, I have some common questions. How long is enough? Do I need to do this forever or is a few weeks or months enough?

Many studies seem to conclude that just 20 minutes of mindfulness meditation a day can bring significant benefits. In most cases, these are all steps to improving brain function and overall physical and mental health. If you want to remember to pay attention to your breathing during a busy day (at home, at work, at school, or in the park), a short meeting is very helpful.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t limit your meditation practice time to less than 20 minutes a day, you can benefit from a long meditation, which is great! Since meditation increases your awareness of what is good and what is bad, you will naturally know when you want to stop meditating because you’re feeling lazy versus when you’re truly “maxed out.” Just let your meditation experience be your guide.

When we continue meditating for two months or more, there will be a significant restructuring of the brain. Researchers at Harvard University conducted in-depth studies to discover what happens to our brains when we meditate regularly. Sixteen participants accepted the guided meditation program, which lasted 27 minutes a day for 8 weeks.

When the two months were up, the researchers observed an increase in the volume of brain regions related to memory, learning, emotional control, self-awareness and vision. Frankly speaking, these results are very illuminating! They seem to show that a few minutes a day can even make a big difference.

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