How Exercise helps improve our Mental Health

How Exercise helps improve our Mental Health

Most of us are aware of the physical advantages of exercise like reduced blood pressure, healthy heart, weight control, less chance of diabetes and attractive physique. But studies after studies have proved that there is a direct relation between mental health and exercise. Today we are going to share some of the most important ways that exercise influence our mental health.

  1. Helps cure and prevent depression- Doing daily exercise helps brain secrete the “feel good” chemical Endorphin and Serotonin naturally. This makes up happy and hence helps cure depression and anxiety.

  2. Brain boost and increased Creativity- When doing physical activity their is an increase in heart rate which in turns pumps more blood to brain. This increased flow of blood to your brain helps transports essential minerals and vitamins to brain more efficiently. Also it increases the connection between neurons and the size of your hippocampus, which boosts your memory and creativity.

  3. Increased Self Esteem and Confidence- When doing regular exercise you naturally start getting healthy, your clothes fit perfectly on body, you are more active and aware of your surroundings. This subconsciously helps increase your confidence in public or in-front of your friends.

  4. Decreases Stress- Increased heart rate during exercise helps release chemicals like norepinephrine which helps improve our thinking and clears the foggy mind. It increases our body ability to respond to stressful situations.

  5. Healthy Sleep– What can be more peaceful than a healthy 8 hour sleep at night. Exercise helps increase our heart rate and makes us tired, which naturally helps improve our sleep cycle.

  6. Tough  as Nails– Daily exercise builds up discipline and helps secrete the feel good chemicals naturally. This makes you less prone to indulge in drugs, alcohol or porn. Apart from this it also helps you fight disease by improving immune system.

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