How does Yoga benefit your mental health

How does Yoga benefit your mental health

People who are self-stable and established are healthy. In other words, identifying a healthy person not only means physical health, but more importantly, mental health. You cannot say “I am healthy, but I am not interested in life”. Passion for life shows how healthy you are.

The cause of illness or poor health is generally considered to be impurities at the mental, physical and speech levels. Your own speech will cause trouble to you and the people around you. Even pain or discomfort should be considered a disease. The body, mind, and spirit are like a tripod. Even if one aspect is abnormal, our life will not be balanced, which will lead to poor health.

Yoga (a component of Ayurveda) is to create a harmonious bond by integrating the three components (body, mind and spirit) into one. In turn, this harmonious existence is to maintain life.

Yoga is an integral part of our lifestyle. It removes impurities from the mind and brings everything together with the spirit. For example, insomnia may be related to stress, anxiety or depression. You need to solve this problem by not just taking medicine. In this way, you have a broader understanding of your mind, body, thoughts and emotions, and clearer, and you can guide your prana (vitality) to make progress in life in a positive way.

You can start practicing yoga at any time. At any given time, you can start meditating, or you can start directly from pranayama without performing asanas (postures). Make sure that when practicing yoga asanas, you don’t stretch your body just because your mind must be with your body.

You cannot watch TV or read the newspaper, because if your consciousness is not there, your posture will not have much effect on you. However, if each stretch is synchronized with breathing and consciousness, then your practice will become a yoga practice.

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