Contraceptive tablets could have an effect on some girls’s moods
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Finding the appropriate sort of contraception is necessary. Oral contraception – also called the capsule – is the most well-liked and broadly used technique.   In the June version of Australian Prescriber, Dr Eveline Mu and Professor Jayashri Kulkarni from the Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre in Melbourne write how contraceptive tablets could have an effect on some girls’s moods.

“Finding contraception that fits you depends upon a lot of issues. Your age, what you’ve tried earlier than, your normal well being, and likewise your psychological well being,” says Professor Kulkarni.

One of the commonest causes for girls stopping the capsule is adjustments in temper, akin to feeling depressed.”

Professor Jayashri Kulkarni, Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre in Melbourne

The proof means that these temper adjustments could also be associated to the hormones used within the contraceptive capsule,  with some hormones affecting temper greater than others.

“Pills include ingredients called progestogens, or a mix of progestogens and oestrogens. Pills using lower strengths of these seem to be less likely to cause mood changes,” she says.

“If you might have despair or have had it prior to now, sure tablets may go well with you higher than others.

“Everyone is totally different. But when you really feel your capsule is affecting your temper, it’s actually necessary to speak to your physician. Let them know in case you have began or modified your capsule just lately.

“The good news is that there are many choices.  Talk with your doctor to find a method of contraception that suits you,” says Professor Kulkarni.

 Read the article in Australian Prescriber.


Journal reference:

Mu, E & Kulkarni, J., (2022) Hormonal contraception and temper issues. Australian Prescriber.

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