Brain and Binaural Beats

Brain and Binaural Beats

If you have ever searched “stress relief” , “depression cure” ,”sleep sound” on YouTube it is not possible that you haven’t come across the term “Binaural Beats”. “Binaural Beats” refers to “relating to both ears.”
Let’s dive a little deeper into it. When two sounds with slightly different frequencies are played into your left ear and right ear then Binaural Beats are produced.
Let’s say 220 Hz in right ear and 200 in left. Then the tones travel separately to your auditory input and a new beat at 20 Hz(here) is perceived. When your brain waves perceive this new wave then it launches you into a different “brain state”.

Different frequencies have different effects on brain.

Delta 0.1-4 Hz   Sleep | Pain Relief

Theta 4-8 Hz   Sleep | Relax | Meditate

Alpha 8-13 Hz   Focus | Reduce Stress | Positive Thinking

Beta 13-30 Hz   Attention | Problem Solving

Gamma 30 Hz & Above   Cognition | Awareness

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