4 Key benefits of listening to Music

4 Key benefits of listening to Music

Do you like to listen to music? One is likely to say “yes”. In fact, more than 90% of people worldwide say that they like listening to music for various reasons. Studies have shown that music can help improve concentration; block external noise, reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance creativity.

I can listen to the same song for many years. I use music as a way to escape reality, immerse myself in my dreams, listen to my own voice, and heal my emotional pain. I firmly believe that music can do more. Therefore, I have listed a few little-known ways of how music can have a positive and negative impact on your daily life. These are my feelings supported by observation and science.

1. Music can take you back in time

Music can take you back to a certain period, whether it’s a specific year or a major event in your life. When you listen, do you hear a song? Are you sad or happy? Many people create playlists for different life situations, such as going abroad, long-distance relationships, and breakups, because music can help them overcome difficulties.

2. Music preferences can predict your personality.

According to Wharton Marketing Professor Gideon Nave: “When people want to meet in a new environment, music is usually one of the top conversation topics. Approximately, it shows that music actually reveals Who are we. If we can learn about personalities by looking at music playlists, the question is to what extent can we predict people’s personalities based on their music preferences?

Research conducted at the Wharton University in Pennsylvania provides amazing information about music and its impact on personality. If Eminem’s aggressive rap makes your ears painful and makes you look for soft, calm songs, then you may be a very open person. This is one of the significance of the research that analyzes the connection between music and personality.

3. Music with lyrics can change your attention.

Science says that music can improve work efficiency or distract attention. Whenever you listen to your favorite song, you are likely to start repeating the lyrics and trembling. Your body waits for this to be a typical response to happy sounds. Even if you are engaged in deep work, music can wake you up; and divert your attention to other things.

Whenever I work or write, I never listen to music with lyrics. It is difficult to concentrate when listening to a favorite song, and songs with lyrics will make you repeat the lyrics unconsciously. Even if you don’t want to, your brain is programmed like this. Deep thinking requires more energy for the brain to function, and listening to music requires less brainpower. This is why your brain wants you to change activities and reduce energy expenditure.

4. Music can improve your training effectiveness

As an office worker, I seek regular exercise to meet the daily activity rules. Although I am lazy at night and sleepy in the morning, I admit the importance of training. I can’t imagine training without headphones and playing my favorite music in the background. I have developed an exercise plan for myself; therefore, I often repeat it unconsciously.

When I exercise with music, I forget laziness and pain. Time flies quickly; sometimes I don’t even know the length of my training time. In order to verify and support my observations, I searched the Internet for research reports.Surprisingly, the effect of music on sports has been studied. A sports psychologist C.I. Karageorghis pointed out in 2010 that music can improve sports performance in two ways: it can delay fatigue or increase work capacity.

When people want to get to know each other, music is usually one of the first topics to talk about. Consider incorporating music into your daily life. Therefore, it can help you to be more relaxed, efficient and happy.

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