About us

Ambient noises was a big part of my life, since a long time. I tried several apps and websites for fulfilling my needs but eventually there was some problem with each of them. It was uncomfortable to download an application just to hear some sounds. Also most of the websites had a premium feature to unlock more sounds.

This was when I decided to create my own website and hence Blissful Noises was born. Blissful Noises is a beta project and new sounds & features will continue to be added.

Image credits Freepik, Audio credits Freesound & Icon credits Flaticon. All sounds and images are copyright free.

Kudos to all people who recorded the sounds, which have been edited, remixed and rearranged.

Disclaimer- This site is meant for personal use only. Reverse engineering it and copying codes or files are strictly forbidden.

Partner Sites: Game Cravings, DDwarfs


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